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    • BAck complaints in the elders - chiropractic (BACE-C): protocol of an international cohort study of older adults with low back pain seeking chiropractic care 

      Jenks, Alan D; Hoekstra, Trynke; Axén, Iben; de Luca, Katie; Field, Jonathan; Newell, Dave; Hartvigsen, Jan; French, Simon D; Koes, Bart; van Tulder, Maurits W; Rubinstein, Sidney M (Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, 2020)
      Background: Low back pain is a common condition among older adults that significantly influences physical function and participation. Compared to their younger counterparts, there is limited information available about the ...
    • COVID-19: how has a global pandemic changed manual therapy technique education in chiropractic programs around the world? 

      de Luca, Katie; McDonald, Marcus; Montgomery, Laura; Sharp, Stephen; Young, Anika; Vella, Simon; Holmes, Michelle; Aspinall, Sasha; Brousseau, Danica; Burrell, Chris; Byfield, David; Dane, Dawn; Dewhurst, Phil; Downie, Aron; Engel, Roger; Gleberzon, Brian; Hollandsworth, Dana; Molgaard Nielsen, Anne; O'Connor, Laura; Starmer, David; Tunning, Michael; Wanlass, Paul; French, Simon D (Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, 2021)
      Background: Manual therapy is a cornerstone of chiropractic education, whereby students work towards a level of skill and expertise that is regarded as competent to work within the field of chiropractic. Due to the COVID-19 ...