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    • Avoiding nocebo and other undesirable effects in chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy: an invitation to reflect 

      Hohenschurz-Schmidt, David; Thomson, Oliver P.; Rossettini, Giacomo; Miciak, Maxi; Newell, Dave; Roberts, Lisa; Vase, Lene; Draper-Rodi, Jerry (Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 2022)
      Introduction While the placebo effect is increasingly recognised as a contributor to treatment effects in clinical practice, the nocebo and other undesirable effects are less well explored and likely underestimated. In ...
    • Recommendations for the development, implementation, and reporting of control interventions in efficacy and mechanistic trials of physical, psychological, and self-management therapies: the CoPPS Statement 

      Hohenschurz-Schmidt, David; Vase, Lene; Scott, Whitney; Annoni, Marco; Ajayi, Oluwafemi K; Barth, Jurgen; Bennell, Kim; Berna, Chantal; Bialosky, Joel; Braithwaite, Felicity; Finnerup, Nanna B; Williams, Amanda C de C; Carlino, Elisa; Cerritelli, Francesco; Chaibi, Aleksander; Cherkin, Dan; Colloca, Luana; Cote, Pierre; Darnall, Beth D; Evans, Roni; Fabre, Laurent; Faria, Vanda; French, Simon; Gerger, Heike; Hauser, Winfried; Hinman, Rana S; Ho, Dien; Janssens, Thomas; Jensen, Karin; Johnston, Chris; Lunde, Sigrid Juhl; Keefe, Francis; Kerns, Robert D; Koechlin, Helen; Kongsted, Alice; Michener, Lori A; Moerman, Daniel E; Musial, Frauke; Newell, Dave; Nicholas, Michael; Palermo, Tonya M; Palermo, Sara; Peerdeman, Kaya J; Pogatzki-Zahn, Esther M; Puhl, Aaron A; Roberts, Lisa; Rossettini, Giacomo; Matthiesen, Susan Tomczak; Underwood, Martin; Vaucher, Paul; Vollert, Jan; Wartolowska, Karolina; Weimer, Katja; Werner, Christoph Patrick; Rice, Andrew S C; Draper-Rodi, Jerry (BMJ, 2023-05-25)